Welcome, I am Ran.

My passion to see execution, quality, and service of excellence come together allows me to bring life to solutions that I plan, design, and build. I’m truly Inspired by companies who want to thrive on efficient delivery.

Lead comes natural for me, support team members and collaborate in multiple levels. I can translate technical requirements into words that any member of the team can understand easily.

I started in software development working for clients including Xerox, HP, and US federal contractors. Served as Information Technology Director for the Mexican Embassy where I led the overhaul of the Embassy’s technology infrastructure and the software design of the Mexican Passport Issue system --- a project that successfully issued millions of passports in 35 offices across every state in Mexico. Wanting to drive execution more, I re-established myself as a software engineer focusing on developing clients’ dreams in the most cost-effective manner. I have worked on projects with clients such as PayPal and eBay to reduce manual work and helped to build in effective system integrated processes. My work ethics include: always delivering to the highest standards, surpassing clients’ wishes, and managing expectations top to bottom to mitigate risk and build efficiency. For the past 5 years, I have led, managed, and helped mature agile practices for teams who refocus on delivering value.

I excel at abstract thinking, seeing the forest (entire ecosystems).

With over 20+ years working in varying technologies of various industries, I have learned a tremendous amount from my customers, clients, and colleagues. My strength is to utilize my creativity, keen focus on delivery, and technical experience to help you find, design, and build an ultimate solution for whatever problem you want to solve.

My drive is my family. In everything that I do, I remember why life is important and why moments matter. Every day, I focus on them and bring that same drive to my customers.

Wherever you are in your development cycle, whether it be in envisioning or in deployment, I hope to partner with you to achieve the ultimate outcomes efficiently and effectively.

Let's work together to make your vision become reality!